Bermuda Unicorn’s iFun Collection and Where Art Meets Blockchain


In the ever-evolving intersection of art and technology, a groundbreaking phenomenon has emerged on the horizon – the Bermuda Unicorn’s iFun Collection. This revolutionary project has seamlessly blended the traditional world of art with the cutting-edge technology of blockchain, creating a unique and captivating experience for art enthusiasts and investors alike.

The Fusion of Art and Blockchain

Bermuda Unicorn’s iFun Collection represents a paradigm shift in the art industry by integrating blockchain technology into the creation, ownership, and trading of digital art. Blockchain, a decentralized and secure ledger system, has found its way into the art world, ensuring transparency, provenance, and authenticity like never before.

The Artists Behind the iFun Collection

1. Nyan Cat

   – A whimsical and iconic internet meme turned digital artwork.


   – NFT tokenization ensures its authenticity and rarity.

2. Playboy

   – An avant-garde expression of sensuality and pop culture.


   – Blockchain ensures secure ownership and traceable provenance.

3. Ugly People

– A stimulating critique of the way beauty is perceived in society.


– Tokenization empowers the artist to challenge conventional norms.

4. Elfie NFT

   – A digital representation of fantasy and folklore.


   – Blockchain technology ensures a direct connection between the artist and collectors.

5. Prozo

   – A visually striking and innovative digital artwork.


   – NFT tokenization guarantees the uniqueness and rarity of each Prozo piece.

6. Mofos

   – Playful and vibrant digital art celebrating diversity.


   – Blockchain empowers artists to share their inclusive visions directly with the world.

7. Seinfeld Cast

   – Iconic characters from the beloved sitcom immortalized in digital form.


   – NFT technology ensures a secure and verifiable link to the original Seinfeld cast artwork.

8. 9 News

   – A dynamic representation of news and media in the digital age.


   – Blockchain-backed provenance provides collectors with assurance and value.

Empowering Artists and Collectors

One of the most significant advantages of the iFun Collection is the empowerment it provides to both artists and collectors. For artists, the use of blockchain ensures that they receive fair compensation and recognition for their work. The decentralized nature of blockchain eliminates the need for traditional gatekeepers, allowing artists to connect directly with their audience.

For collectors, owning a piece from the iFun Collection is not just about possessing beautiful artwork; it’s about being part of a groundbreaking movement that is reshaping the art world. The blockchain-backed provenance ensures the authenticity and rarity of each piece, making it a valuable and coveted asset.

The iFun Marketplace

To facilitate the trading and collecting of these digital masterpieces, Bermuda Unicorn has developed the iFun Marketplace. This user-friendly platform allows art enthusiasts and investors to discover, purchase, and trade NFTs securely. The marketplace not only serves as a hub for the iFun Collection but also as a gateway for artists to showcase their talent to a global audience.


Bermuda Unicorn’s iFun Collection, featuring iconic pieces like Nyan Cat, Playboy, Ugly People, Elfie NFT, Prozo, Mofos, Seinfeld Cast, and 9 News, stands at the forefront of the evolving relationship between art and technology. By merging the creative expressions of talented artists with the security and transparency of blockchain, this collection has opened new doors for both creators and collectors. As we witness the continued growth of NFTs and blockchain in the art world, the iFun Collection serves as a beacon, guiding us into an era where art meets innovation in unprecedented ways.

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